Our strength, your benefit

Stable and reliable partner

Kils Automatsvarvning was founded in 1963. For over 50 years, we have built a strong and stable platform that provides security to our customers.

Cooperation is one of our most important keywords. We place great importance on building long-lasting relationships with both our suppliers and our customers.

We work consistently with leading suppliers of raw materials and machinery, which means security and reliable deliveries for our customers.

To safeguard our capacity, we also have well-functioning collaborations with production partners in both Sweden and abroad.

Flexible with fast deliveries

Deep small-business roots have taught us the importance of simplicity and flexibility. Our decision paths are short and our employees are accustomed to taking responsibility.

Our customers should never have to accept downtime in their production while waiting on us for parts.  We have therefore placed great emphasis on designing routines and flows that can be adjusted quickly as conditions change. We can deliver on short notice, even in situations where the planning horizon is also short.

High quality, close tolerances

Long-standing partnerships with the automotive industry has taught us the importance of high and consistent quality. We strive constantly toward a zero-error vision and can even now, despite tight tolerance requirements, report very low PPM values.

We have been certified according to ISO 9001 for many years.