Introduction to ABKA’s processes

At Kils Automatsvarning, we like to see the big picture. We keep a firm grip on the entire value chain and offer, under one roof, Swiss-type turning, CNC turning, sawing, tumbling, deburring, testing and assembly. In cooperation with qualified partners, we can also offer various types of surface treatments.



Carefully crafted flows

Expertise, the right machines and effective, streamlined flows lead us to the quality and the production economy that our customers demand.

We have complete lines for Swiss-type turning, sawing and CNC turning of tube and bar materials in both steel and aluminum. We also have in-house resources for after-machining operations such as deburring and tumbling as well as for subsequent operations such as inspection, washing and assembly.

We usually use cold-drawn, seamless tube blanks and bar stock in both steel and aluminum in our processes.

Surface treatments are offered in collaboration with carefully selected partners.

Strong in many areas

Our production is designed to handle the processing of most materials and dimensions.

Our specialty is large lots of spacers that are cut and then deburred or tumbled. Our CNC lathes also give us excellent opportunities to manufacture smaller lots of more complex parts.