Our business areas

Our main customer base is in the automotive industry, but we have an ever-increasing number of customers in a range of industrial segments. In our own workshop, we manufacture parts for customers in the paper and mining industries and for manufacturers in segments such as catering, construction and marine products.



Automakers and manufacturers of marine engines are the base of one of our strongest business areas. With quality demands under 50 ppm, complex parts are produced in large lots to customers worldwide. Our own capacity is enhanced through collaborations with qualified partners in both Sweden and abroad.



We deliver a large number of parts to world-leading manufacturers in the paper and pulp industry. To meet high demands for flexibility and quick deliveries, we stock select end products in our own secure warehouse.



The mining industry is one of our fastest-growing business areas. With flexible organization and raw materials from leading suppliers, we provide highly competitive offers for customized special parts for mining companies and drill bit manufacturers.

Volvo trucks

Heavy vehicles

Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks and Mack Trucks are some of the world’s leading truck manufacturers. Every year, Kils Automatsvarvning produces 10 million sleeves, shafts, washers, nuts, tubes and bushings for vehicle manufacturers across the globe.